The maharaja is the first southern Indian restaurant (keralan) in the northwest. The term maharaja comes from the Sanskrit (a Dravidian language which is dead now) language and means the great king or the king of kings.

Kerala, the land of spices is a narrow fertile strip of land on the south west coast of India, with its tropical forests, paddy fields and evergreen coconut groves. The name kerala also comes from two Sanskrit words kera and alam which mean coconut and land respectively. Thus kerala means the land of coconuts.

Kerala has traded its spices with the Arabs, Chinese and the European merchants for hundreds of years. History says that the Portuguese sailor Vasco De Gama reached the coastal towns of kerala in 1498 with the intention of trade. In 1491 Christopher Columbus discovered America accidentally, when he sailed to find out a sea route to kerala – the land of spices.

Keralan food is often flavored with spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cloves, garlic, cuminseed, coriander; black pepper and curry leaves.Kerala has a distinctive cuisine, totally different from the rest of India.

Kerala is blessed with a long stretch of coastline. Being a coastal region, seafood has become an inevitable part in kerala’s kitchen. The fertile soil provides plenty of vegetables and they too have an equally important role in keralan cuisine.